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FROM €350

Our Standard websites typically aim at telling visitors about your business providing valuable information, such as contact details, opening times and services provided.


FROM €450

Our ecommerce websites enable you to showcase and take payments for your products and services on-line.



If your requirements don’t fit into a standard or ecommerce website or you need to make changes to an existing site then please contact us for a quote.


We are a web design company offering custom solutions for clients with requirements ranging from simple brochure sites to complex e-commerce sites. We also perform bug fixes, upgrades and enhancements to existing sites.

We have several years’ experience in .NET, WordPress and other leading design environments.

Our aim is to create engaging websites that will meet the aims of our clients and have the flexibility to facilitate future expansion as required.


  • Initially we gather as much information relating the purpose of the website, how it will help achieve the client’s business or personal goals.
  • Next with the help of the client we determine the website’s specific requirements e.g. it needs a feedback form, a booking system etc.
  • We will next begin website design and development. During this process we will work from a test site that is available to the client.
  • Finally when the requirements are met and both parties are happy we will hand over the live website. This may be on to the client’s existing ISP or if required we can arrange transfer to a new ISP.
  • We will be available on an on-going basis to support the client’s on-going requirements.



We're here to help! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions relating to our Web Design Services.


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Palace Radar

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If your question isn’t answered below then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you asap!

What kind of websites do you develop?

Our work comes under three headings: Standard Websites: Our Standard website provides information on and facilitates interaction with a business or activity. A Standard website will generally provide an overview the business/activity and a means of locating or contacting a person/service connected to the website. ecommerce Websites: We can develop a website that allows a client to sell their products and services on-line. We will showcase your products or services via the website allowing customers to select them and proceed to pay through the website. The client will monitor sales etc. and take care of shipping and other order related activities. Bespoke Websites: Bespoke websites are websites that do not fit neatly into a common pattern. For example, a website allowing a company’s employees access to an internal training system or a website offering instruction for a personal hobby etc.

Do you setup new and existing domains?

If you don’t yet have a domain for your site then we would ask that you firstly establish the availability of your desired domain name using an online facility such as Namecheap. You should then purchase your domain. We will then if necessary setup your domain to point to your ISP.

can you host my website?

We do not provide hosting services but if required we can point you some execellent hosting providers. Whatever your choice of ISP we will help move and setup your website with them for free!

Can you design my website logo?

Our standard e-commerce packages includes a single logo that can be used on your website or company stationary etc. Please let us know if you require additional specialised logo design and we will provide a competitive quote.

Can I have input during the design process?

Yes, we encourage the client to participate during the design and development process. We will provide progress feedback on a regular basis and make any changes necessary.

Can you make bespoke changes to an existing website?

Yes we can add additional features to existing websites, fix bugs and spruce up existing content. Please tell us your requirements and we’ll get back to you asap!

Do you setup Social Media?

We require clients to setup their own Social Media accounts and provide us with details for use on the website.