Depository Institution Services

Broadly capable, precisely focused

Combining the broad capabilities of a leading financial services firm with the industry expertise of a boutique, Raymond James offers depository institutions sophisticated advice and execution regarding strategic direction, capital formation, funding and liquidity, balance sheet optimization, wealth management and more – all bolstered by a robust platform designed to meet a diverse range of objectives.

Key Services Areas

Dedicated support and expert insight for depository institutions

The group comprises key service areas and an array of specialized teams ranging from capital markets and investment banking to wealth management. These teams, home to sector experts and high-quality products, work closely with senior leaders at financial institutions to formulate big-picture strategies and tactically execute on those plans.

Fixed Income Capital Markets

We offer a full spectrum of solutions tailored to specific depository institution needs, including industry-leading analytics and expertise.

Investment Banking

Our investment banking practice wields considerable expertise for bank clients, participating in 400+ transactions with total value of $55+ billion since 2000.

Equity Sales, Trading & Syndicate

Equity Sales & Trading features a dedicated sales team focused solely on depository institutions & a trading desk that makes markets in 700+ bank stocks.

Equity Research

Equity Research features a depository-focused team of analysts covering more than 130 bank stocks, ranging from community banks to multinational institutions.

Wealth Management & Trust

Our team helps depositories expand offerings and deepen relationships with a range of securities brokerage, investment advisory and trust services.

Affordable Housing Investments

We are one of the largest syndicators of RJAHI, equity in the U.S., raising $1 billion annually, and since 1986 have provided equity for 2,400 properties in 48 states.

Raymond James Bank

With assets of $18 billion, Raymond James Bank leverages its size and unique structure to deploy capital as a passive partner with depository institutions.