A network that supports your enduring commitment to others

For those who served, the experiences that shaped their lives will forever connect them to a strong community no matter where they are. The Raymond James Veteran Financial Advisors Network is an example of this bond in action. Veteran Financial Advisors Network members support one another in their careers and their businesses while advocating important causes in our industry and communities.

Veteran Financial Advisors Network

Veteran Financial Advisors Network is a professional network where veterans can learn from and rely on one another as they grow their businesses and advocate important causes within our firm and communities. It also works to connect recently separated and discharged service members with a field that values their leadership skills and commitment to others.

  • Retaining the talent and commitment of veterans and military family members means ensuring that advisors have the resources and support necessary to grow their success. In partnership with the Raymond James practice management and educational resource groups, Veteran Financial Advisors Network provides members access to customized skills programs, development opportunities and mentorships.

  • Comprising some of the most accomplished financial advisors in our firm, the Veteran Financial Advisors Network Advisory Council helps set the direction and priorities for the network’s efforts and resources. In addition to their work for the organization, council members regularly mentor other advisors as they build their success and grow their businesses.

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  • The highly motivated, highly skilled veterans who are considering their next move after separation or discharge may not be aware of the opportunities available to them in our field. With outreach and education, we work to show veterans how their hard-earned skills, leadership and commitment to others translates to success in the world of financial advising.

  • In addition to advancing opportunities for veterans within our firm and those seeking a new role in the civilian world, we also commit our time and resources to help other veterans in our communities through philanthropy and volunteerism.

  • In its advocacy, recruiting and community outreach work, the Veteran Financial Advisors Network is closely allied with the Veterans Inclusion Network (Valor), a professional network for Raymond James home office associates. Since its founding in 2018, Valor has been an important voice for veterans within the firm and a critical partner for organizations serving veterans in our communities.

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If you are an advisor who seeks a firm that welcomes your experience as an advisor and a veteran or military family member, set up a confidential conversation with a consultant about what your business would look like as an advisor at Raymond James.