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The freedom to take control of your future

We pride ourselves on a tight-knit culture that offers the personalized support you’ll need to expand your practice as your goals evolve and, eventually, pass it on as you see fit. When you’re ready to grow, we’ll help you through each stage of acquiring another practice or book of business. And when you’re ready to retire, we’ll help you establish a business succession plan – building long-term value that will help you maximize the rewards of your years of hard work.

Cultivate success through our succession planning platform

Our succession planning platform, Practice Exchange, is a reflection of this commitment to help you take control of your future. We invite you to explore how our latest offering can help propel your growth or pass the torch to the next generation.

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Guidance to help you take the next step.

Strategy isn’t just for exits.

We’ll offer you customized support for each facet of the planning process, including building a legacy, preparing for retirement, growing your business, valuing your practice and protecting your assets.

  • Our long-term succession coaching is focused on the near term – we encourage you to start early to give you and your successor plenty of time to feel comfortable with your plan and to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership.

  • We’ll help you look for buyers. We’ll help you determine your options when you structure the terms of the agreement. These are critical issues in estate planning – and we stand beside you every step of the way, helping you define the steps toward implementation of a solid plan.

  • For advisors looking to expand, we offer strategic acquisition coaching to help you outline and execute your own acquisition strategies. We offer consulting on how to structure these deals, perform due diligence and create purchase agreements. Let us help you close the deal – and then make it work.

  • Find out what your practice is worth. Take the guesswork out of business valuation by taking advantage of consultative services that are precisely targeted to your needs as a financial professional.

  • We’ll help you through the process of catastrophic succession planning, asking you hard questions and offering support as you develop a business continuity plan and establish a catastrophic succession agreement.


Helping you take the next step

Protect your practice. Protect your interests. With our help, proactive and tailored planning becomes your reality

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Considerations for buying or selling a practice

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Succession planning overview

Review our support designed to preserve the longevity of your practice while facilitating its growth

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