Our Service 1st culture: Recognizing those who go above and beyond

Named after our firm’s founder, the Robert A. James Award of Service Excellence (ASE) program recognizes associates who embody our Service 1st culture and live our core values of putting client first, acting with integrity, thinking long term and valuing independence.

Memorial Day

Congratulations to the following associates and teams who were recently recognized for their exemplary service in the second quarter of fiscal year 2023.

Don Moss | Financial Consultant | Associate Financial Services

Commitment to service: Don finds a way to connect with everyone on our team and helps colleagues by giving them a voice. He listens to their goals and their challenges with completing them. He allows his colleagues to have input on what resources are needed as a team and follows through, ensuring the resources are created.

Taking action: He is always looking for ways to create resources, track new items and improve the efficiency of the team. He is the first person to jump in to help a colleague in need and encourage them to grow their skill set. He has single-handedly created a spreadsheet to track our entire teams’ metrics, assisted with the creation of many team resources and aided in creating a SharePoint site for our team.

Making an impact: Don is the go-to person on our team and for many others. His innovation has changed the way our department does business, and his forward-thinking has improved our teams’ overall processing times. Don is always thinking of the future of the company while motivating his team.

“The behaviors he exhibits are central to what the ASE award is all about. He cares about his customers and his co-workers while striving to improve service delivery.”

Heather Hern | Senior Administrative Coordinator | Advertising Supervision
Memorial Day

Commitment to service: Heather approaches every task first and foremost with kindness. Her core job responsibilities require her to interact with various teams and advisors, but Heather is not satisfied until a clear and complete answer is provided to every stakeholder.

Taking action: She prides herself on being a resource to our Advertising and Communications Supervision teams through her willingness to assist and find a solution to problems as they arise. She also goes out of her way to facilitate associate training.

Making an impact: Heather consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the Advertising Supervision department runs smoothly. She takes on additional responsibilities and collaborates with team members to provide the best experience possible to our advisors. She is a wonderful resource for our team and deserves recognition for her efforts.

“Heather Hern holds herself and others accountable to deliver service excellence each and every day.”

Kelly Gibson | Field Supervision Manager | RJA Supervision

Commitment to service: Kelly has done a terrific job building relationships with the leadership teams in her region within the southern division. While cultivating these relationships, she recognized an opportunity to increase collaboration between the complex administrative managers and operations managers within her region.

Taking action: She took it upon herself to set up a training schedule for a new hire. She conducted a series of Zoom meetings and trainings and scheduled time for the new person to sit alongside her in the branch. She had the new hire attend meetings, review systems, role-play, etc. This associate hit the ground running because Kelly had a vision of her success, shortening her learning curve.

Making an impact: Kelly is always looking to go above and beyond, take on additional responsibilities, and grow both personally and professionally. She also compiled materials to reduce the training time for future field supervision managers.

“She identified a way to collaborate with complex administrative managers and operations managers in her region, resulting in regular sessions to share best practices. We need more Kellys who see beyond their role and function.”

Mary Carroll | Program Manager, Instructional Design | Talent Development & Learning

(Pictured here with Chair and CEO Paul Reilly and Chair Emeritus Tom James)

Memorial Day

Commitment to service: Mary has been dedicated to PCG Education design and, within two years, created two multi-month complex curricula involving dozens of decision-makers and subject matter experts, requiring constant management and communication of project goals and progress.

She also created course deliverables, managed all aspects of the training and assisted with onboarding new associates who were hired specifically for the Private Wealth designation program, helping to accelerate their acclimation to Raymond James and their respective roles.

Taking action: Mary stepped up to co-lead a major workstream for training to establish a new Private Wealth designation education program internally for ultra-high-net-worth advisor development.

Making an impact: The Private Wealth designation program was no small task to create, culminating in the successful inaugural class while helping to train new associates.

“Mary turns ideas into realities for the professional development of PCG advisors. She never wavered in her commitment to getting all deliverables prepared on time and at the highest quality standards.”

Nadine Simon | Senior Project Consultant | Corporate Actions

Commitment to service: Nadine possesses all the behaviors that we value as an organization and displays them daily. She easily develops and fosters relationships with all business units, consistently demonstrates true professional attributes and genuinely cares about delivering excellent work. She strives to integrate both an understanding of the big picture strategy and goals as well as attention to detail.

Taking action: Many times over the last year few years, we have approached her with only a general idea of what we needed or wanted to do. She took the initiative to figure out what was needed with minimal guidance and delivered on the goal, task or project with terrific results.

Making an impact: Nadine was an integral part of many accomplishments delivered over the last year. She wore many hats, including project manager and business analyst, kept us on track and added valuable input. She has given us great confidence in trusting her with decisions, representing our interests in meetings and in prioritization of work.

“We are so grateful for her commitment to excellence and what she has done to move the business forward.”

About the Robert A. James Award of Service Excellence

The Robert A. James Award of Service Excellence is an internal Raymond James recognition delivered to individual employees or teams. Established in 2014, The Robert A. James Award of Service Excellence recognizes associates who embody the Raymond James values and uphold our commitment to service through their exemplary actions. Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis, and the nomination committee is comprised of 11 firm leaders awards the distinction quarterly. This may not be representative of any one client’s experience, is not an endorsement and is not indicative of future performance. No fee was paid in exchange for this award/rating.

Thank you to our dedicated associates for their continued Service 1st commitment!