Campus Recruiting

Intern Spotlight - Investment Banking

As a premier middle market investment banking firm, the department provides invaluable and unrivaled opportunities for individuals to gain extensive M&A (mergers and acquisitions), equity, debt and restructuring experience while working directly alongside our senior bankers and the executives of our client companies and firms.

Victoria Lucas, University of Tampa

What made you want to pursue something so specialized in the financial industry? Where does your passion stem from?
Prior to joining the Raymond James Summer Investment Banking (IB) program, I spent a year and a half at a private equity firm here in Tampa. Through this opportunity, I fell in love with the capital investment space and immediately grew hungry to learn more. I quickly became attracted to the IB world due to the fast-paced environment, knowledge and growth opportunities and the ability to be an integral part in a company’s long-term success. It became clear that a career in Investment Banking would be in my future. 

What drew you into Raymond James? 
The main thing that drove me to Raymond James was the workplace culture. When recruiting for a summer position, Raymond James was the one place that I could sense the overall pride and love the associates had for their company. In a demanding field like Investment Banking, it is important to not only love what you do but to love the company you work for. 

Nick Birney, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

What about Investment Banking makes you want to jump out of bed and get to work?
My favorite aspect of Investment Banking is the fact that I’m completing a lot of valuable work even though I am so new to the industry. A lot of the work that we do as interns will likely be included in materials that we send to our clients, so it is very rewarding to work on things that have significant roles in whatever projects the bankers are working on.

Can you walk me through the interview process?
The interview process started with a first-round interview on campus. We then moved on to a round of phone screens with the specific offices and groups that we were interested in. If we made it through both of those rounds, we were invited to partake in a Super Day at the home office in St. Petersburg, FL, which consisted of roughly eight interviews followed by other networking sessions. 

Max Cook, Cornell University

Even though you have crazy work week hours, how do you strive to achieve work-life balance?
I find it helpful to make a list of everything that you want to achieve on a given day, both professional and personal. This helps you stay on track while numerous tasks are thrown at you, and it gives you motivation to keep working to cross items off your list as well as great satisfaction when you do. 

How are you liking the workplace culture?
The workplace culture is incredible and a huge part of why I enjoy working here. When you are working long hours, it is important to enjoy the people that are in the office with you. There is a strong team mentality here, which allows the group to be more productive, as people help each other out to get things done.