Raymond James Trust

When protecting your estate, find confidence in trust

Raymond James Trust offers comprehensive capabilities and corporate strength to help preserve your wealth and carry out your legacy.

Where corporate strength meets client-first service

You’ve worked hard to build your estate. Now it’s time to preserve it.

The services of Raymond James Trust, N.A. can help you accomplish specific goals in exactly the way you intend, whether it’s passing on assets to heirs, ensuring a lasting philanthropic legacy, establishing a fund for your or a loved one’s support, or protecting your estate from tax liability. Our team can help you preserve, protect and transfer your wealth, all while maintaining your current lifestyle.

Since 1992, Raymond James Trust has been providing comprehensive trust services, and our experienced specialists are prepared to help you take the necessary steps and make the right decisions while creating a plan that works best for you. Your Raymond James financial advisor will remain your point of contact throughout the process, working with your trust officer to manage your assets through the eyes of a professional with in-depth insight into your full financial picture.

About Raymond James

About Raymond James Trust

  • National Trust Charter and subsidiary of Raymond James Financial
  • Established in 1992 with seven offices in the United States
  • Serves as trustee, co-trustee, custodian, personal representative or agent to trustee
  • Over $8 billion in assets under administration
  • Diverse product offering

Our difference

What makes Raymond James Trust exceptional is our strength and stability as we are backed by the resources and expertise of Raymond James Financial. We provide local market contacts through your financial advisor, who will work with our more than 150+ seasoned and experienced trust professionals to offer quality administration. Additionally, our nonproprietary open investment platform is matched by our competitive pricing, and we offer extensive philanthropic resources such as donor advised funds through Raymond James Charitable.

Raymond James does not provide tax or legal services. Please discuss these matters with the appropriate professional.

The attention your legacy deserves

Whatever your goals are for your legacy and estate plan, Raymond James Trust is equipped with the resources and expertise to help ensure all of your needs are addressed. Explore the pages below to learn more about our team and the extensive services and capabilities we offer, and to better understand our process when working with our clients.

  • The team at Raymond James Trust offers the breadth of services, education and support you need to address each of your estate planning needs and move toward your future with confidence. With specialized expertise in a wide array of trust and legacy planning matters, we are here to do whatever is needed to ensure your vision is carried out for the wealth you’ve worked hard to preserve.

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  • To meet the unique needs of our clients, Raymond James Trust can serve in a number of roles, including trustee, co-trustee, custodian, personal representative, or agent to a trustee on several types of personal trusts.

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  • Few people understand the terminology and technicalities of trusts until they discover they need one ... and by then it may be too late. Use this list of frequently asked questions (and their answers) to help you better understand the reasons for trusts and the process involved in establishing them.

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  • From the beginning stages of financial planning to the final steps of estate execution, Raymond James takes pride in ensuring that our clients’ wishes are carried out exactly as they intend. That is why Raymond James Trust, N.A. is committed to working with attorneys to facilitate a seamless process on behalf of grantors.

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  • Rather than simply writing a check, including charitable giving in your tax strategy and financial plan is a way for you to increase the efficiency and impact of your generosity. Raymond James Charitable is here to help make it easier for you to give wisely. Raymond James does not provide tax or legal services. Please discuss these matters with the appropriate professional.

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  • Raymond James Trust makes it easy to transfer your trusts from your current provider, simplifying the process of keeping your wealth management and trust services under one umbrella.

    Contact your Raymond James financial advisor or reach out to Raymond James Trust at 727.567.2300 for more information.

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