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Fixed income portfolio solutions for RIAs

The Raymond James RIA Partnership Group provides comprehensive fixed income portfolio solutions to help your high-net-worth clients meet their unique goals and tax requirements. Our fixed income professionals are ready to serve as your go-to source for customized fixed income portfolios, real-time monitoring, trading ideas, market commentary and credit due diligence. By working with the Raymond James RIA Partnership Group, you can secure bonds directly from the source, removing the costly middleman while still receiving customized solutions and market expertise to monitor your clients’ portfolios after implementation.

Investment Products

Municipal Bonds
  • Ranked ninth in national underwriting1 by par amount and fourth by number
    of transactions senior-managed in 2020
  • 1,672 senior‑led and co‑managed issues in 20202, third-highest number
    of completed transactions in the nation
  • More than 170 public finance professionals in 36 locations nationwide
  • 18 municipal underwriters
Taxable Fixed Income
  • U.S. Treasuries
  • Agencies
  • FDIC‑Insured Brokered CDs3
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Mortgage Backed Securities
  • Taxable Municipal Bonds
  • Preferred Securities


  • Customized fixed income portfolios
  • Credit surveillance
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Trading ideas
  • Access to new issue syndicate
  • White‑labeled client presentations
  • Market commentary and strategy publications

1 Source: Bloomberg. Rankings based on number of deals Par Amount
2 Source: Bloomberg
3 Certificates of Deposit are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Company (FDIC) up to $250,000 per depositor, for each account ownership category. Additional information can be found at or by calling 877.ASK.FDIC (877.275.3342).

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Tim Sackmaster, CFA
Vice President, Fixed Income RIA Partnership Group
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Nick Goetze
Managing Director, Fixed Income Solutions
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Josh Milrad
Institutional RIA Analyst, RIA Partnership Group, Fixed Income Capital Markets
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